With the SEBA “SlimCom” data-transmission module, your data comes straight to you in your office. Simply insert a data card, connect the “SlimCom” to the Dipper-PT and program the destination address. Whether in routine operation or in the case of an incident: your SlimCom sends you all relevant data independently via GPRS (or optionally by SMS) to a communication server of your choice. Using freely
programmable time slots, you can also adjust parameters remotely or retrieve data conventionally via a telephone modem or GSM/GPRS.


Product Description

The “SlimCom” data-transmission module is operated with 4 x 1.5 V alkali-manganese C cells; these are commercially available and easy to change. Depending on the confi gured measurement interval, operating times of several years are possible without a single battery change. Maximum operating reliability is achieved and guaranteed though the independent power supply for both the Dipper-PT and the SlimCom. The self contained design of the Dipper-PT and SlimCom prevents any loss of data, even if an unexpected power issue should occur. In oder to garantee undisrupted service the SlimCom automatically sends an SMS to any dedicated mobile phone if a critical lower battery-voltage limit is reached.


Furthermore, not only does the Dipper-PT and SlimCom system detect when alarm conditions have been breached, but it also reacts promptly to them by transmitting data at shorter intervals (dynamic
push). This ensures that you have always things under control. Especially when it really matters.



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