WindSonic M: Low Cost Ultrasonic Wind Sensor with Aluminium Body

Windsonic M – Бюджетен ултразвуков сензор за вятър с алуминиев корпус

WindSonic M is a robust ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor with aluminium alloy construction and optional heating system. The sensor is solid-state with no moving parts, using ultrasonic measurement technology to detect wind speed and direction at speeds up to 60m/s (134mph).

The robust aluminium alloy housing is hard-anodised to ensure suitability in harsh marine environments, and the optional heating system allows operation down to -40ºC.


WindSonic M has been designed to comply with all the applicable sections of BS EN 60945 standard for ‘exposed equipment’. These include but are not limited to; corrosion (salt mist), vibration, radiated and conducted emissions and water ingress. In addition the unit has been designed to withstand hail or falling ice to UL 2218 Class 1.

WindSonic M provides a marine-standard NMEA 0183 output, with options for RS232, 422, 485 and analogue outputs also available to ensure compatibility with most systems. A single connector and three mounting holes for attachment to a 1.75″ pipe ensure installation is straightforward. With no moving parts to wear out and no routine calibration required, WindSonic M has a very low maintenance overhead.

This sensor is recommended for use in harsh environmental industrial conditions and is particularly suited to marine and land based installations (optional heating).

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±2% @ 12m/s


0.01m/s (0.02 knots)

Response Time

0.25 seconds




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