SEBA’s engineers responsible for research and development are faced with a diffi cult task, as it is very hard to improve an already perfect product. Long-term experience, know how, and vital feedback from our word-wide customers enables the team always to develop new and brilliant solutions for the Dipper–PT. The Dipper-PT is an multi-functional data logger for the accurate collection of both ground and surface water data. Regardless of the challenges faced, the Dipper-PT always performs to the highest satisfaction.


  • Compact construction, robust and weatherproof housing
  • Huge 4 MB ring memory for 280.000 values
  • High data security due to integrated watchdog
  • Analogue and digital inputs for easy connection of various sensor types (e.g. rain, pressure, radar …)
  • Individually programmable (cycle mode, event mode, quicklog mode, mean-value)
  • Extendable with GSM/GPRS modem
  • Easy, user guided programming with operation software SEBA Config


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